OnDuty Trauma Readiness Pack
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OnDuty Trauma Readiness Pack

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Trauma Readiness Pack

Blood loss injury survival chances are increased greatly with deployment of the OnDuty® Trauma Readiness Pack. The TRP contains lifesaving components highly recommended by trauma physicians and first response personnel including a NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association) recommended QuikClot® hemostatic sponge impregnated with Zeolite, a strong clotting agent which rapidly stops severe bleeding, including arterial bleed, within minutes. Additional components include a 5” x 9” trauma pad, 18” tourniquet, red triage identification tag, and elastic wrap capable of a wide array of compression / immobilization applications. Essential elements, unparalleled in traumatic situations, neatly stowed in a vacuum sealed Gator Pouch, which also serves effectively as a barrier device or patch for sucking chest wounds. The TRP sure grip textured pouch improves handling under adverse conditions offering access to self-administered trauma aid even in dim lighting with slippery hands.

Conveniently stowed in cargo pocket or Bug-Out Bag, the TRP is engineered to remain sterile, always ensuring one use security and eliminating worry about contaminated or missing items. The TRP is non-reflective, compact, soft, and silent. Extensive testing guarantees the pack remains impervious to temperature extremes, while its waterproof design is so accurate, this pack floats!

You no longer need to face a traumatic blood loss incident unprepared. The TRP is filled with hemorrhage arresting tools seldom found in the field before advent of the OnDuty® line of products. Produced in the USA, OnDuty® Trauma Readiness Packs are the clear choice of professionals when participation is no longer an option. Choose OnDuty® when seconds count and help is minutes away.

Testimonial :

Dear OnDuty,

 While passing through West Virginia, a motorcycle traveling in front of my vehicle slid in a curve and went down. The rider had lots of road rash, and a cut on his head that was hemorrhaging. A fellow driver stopped and offered to call 911 while I pulled an OnDuty TRP from my glove compartment, and quickly dressed the wound. When EMS arrived, they found the man sitting on the roadside, a little bleary, but his bleeding had stopped. The EMT’s were excited to discover the OnDuty pack worked before professional assistance arrived, and said my attention prevented the situation from turning much worse.

I became an instant fan of OnDuty, and purchased a replacement pack from GitOutfitted immediately. I now urge friends and family to do the same. My back road experience with a total stranger proved OnDuty really can help save a life.


 Kim L.

 Carlisle, Kentucky           

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